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Hey there. I'm Sean. I'm an entrepreneur. I've been involved in many startups among other business endeavors ranging from tech to sales training. I've even done a church startup! My current project is called Proper Access.

Sean's Story...

Sean Matthew O'Brien

Sean has been an entrepreneur from birth. He’s always opted for the road less traveled. His endeavors have led him on an amazing journey of discovery of his life’s purpose.

“Entrepreneurs solve problems,” he says, “…sometimes we do that well, other times we fail. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that have learned enough from their failures to enable them to fail less often.”

Sean was born in the late seventies in a western suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up in a middle-class home as the youngest of six siblings. Sean started building computers at the ripe old age of twelve. He designed, built, and maintained computer systems for family, friends, and a few small businesses with high-end computing needs.

His Dad was somewhat of an entrepreneur himself. He founded an investigative research firm (before internet research was a thing) and sold his services to the top insurance companies in the US. These services saved insurance companies millions of dollars annually on fraudulent worker’s compensation claims. Sean reflects, “I used to love listening to my Dad work the phones. He was magical. The information he could get using detective like tactics could have been considered unique intellectual property and sold for a large sum. I learned a lot in those after school hours sitting attentively in his private office.”

In high school, Sean embraced technology. He was often found programming in the computer lab, designing in the graphic arts production center, or working in the television broadcast studio (which he helped design and build for the school). Each Friday morning, Sean directed, produced, and went on air as the announcement news anchor. These weekly announcements were closed-circuit broadcast school-wide as WWTV. “Technology quickly became a passion of mine. I was amazed at how easily the concepts came to me while others seemed to struggle,” he remarked. However, he was not just a tech buff. He also played and lettered at the varsity level in both Football and Rugby.

Out of high school, Sean enlisted in the US Army as a communication specialist. His training focus was on building secure field network communications using RF radios, Ethernet networks, and tactical satellite communications. He successfully maintained a top-secret security clearance. He deployed to Fort Sherman, Panama with the 10th Mountain Division as part of the last wave of Operation Just Cause in the nineteen nineties. He was quickly promoted and given a key leadership assignment in charge of all the communications equipment for the 10th Military Police Company at Fort Drum, New York. He earned several military leadership accolades and awards. Outside of his military duties, Sean somehow found time to complete coursework in leadership and communications at Jefferson Community College just off post in Watertown, New York.

Upon exiting the military, Sean quickly got back to work on his entrepreneurial ideas. He founded two companies in the Milwaukee area from 2004-2009. Both companies worked in the technology space. The last was an unfortunate casualty of the economic crash of 2008. Sean calls this time his “accelerated learning period.” It was after this that Sean’s journey took somewhat of a different turn.

“I felt a calling and I can remember it like it was yesterday,” Sean recollects, “I was in my basement and I had an experience with the Divine. It wasn’t anything weird or super spiritual, just an overwhelming sense that I needed to do something, not for myself, but to bring hope to others.” This experience led Sean to enroll in graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary—one of the nation’s top theology schools. Sean graduated Cum Laude out of the Master of Theology Degree Program. He was also listed on the Who’s Who in America’s Universities and Colleges list for 2013. “My top experience was practicing archaeology in Israel in 2012 as part of a study trip to learn more about ancient biblical history,” he recalls. After graduation, Sean moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he founded a community of faith using his theological education. He says, “The absolute best part was helping people revitalize their life’s journey and discover their true purpose for living.”

In 2016, Sean returned to his entrepreneurial, problem-solving trade and founded Proper Access—a technology firm. “Helping others discover their purpose gave me ample time to reflect on mine—entrepreneurism.” With renewed vigor, Sean relentlessly pursues the honing of his craft into something great. He says, “by leveraging technology to create something great, we might just change the world.”

Sean’s current project is as the founder and CEO of Proper Access. He also mentors other entrepreneurs by sharing what he has learned about life and business. Outside of this, Sean invests in other businesses, writes a little, speaks a little, and spends time with his family. Sean currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

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